Green Corporate Retreats

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Let your next business meeting be a GREEN corporate retreat. Costa Rica is the backdrop for our Green Corporate Retreats and there is no place better on Earth to host one of these events. We can help you plan and execute every aspect of your business trip. With our care and attention to the environment you can feel good that you have acted responsibly while not sacrificing luxury or productivity.

We make planning a Costa Rica business meeting easy with our online planner.

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Having a green corporate retreat is a step away from traditional meetings and business gatherings. Planning with both the expectations of the group and the environment as the focus of the organizational process is the key to the success of our Green Corporate Retreats. There is no better place than our own backyard, amazing Costa Rica, to host these green retreats.

Everything from the hotels, conference spaces, luncheons, dinners, team building exercises, are all offered at the highest levels of service using sustainable companies and practices at the functions core. It is actually possible to have an entire retreat and leave a zero or negative carbon footprint!

Business meetings and retreats are necessary for a variety of purposes.

  • giving and receiving information
  • training
  • topic discussions
  • generating ideas
  • business planning
  • business workshops
  • consulting and getting feedback
  • finding solutions and problem solving
  • crisis management
  • performance reporting and assessment
  • setting targets and objectives
  • setting tasks and delegating
  • decision making
  • conveying or clarifying policy issues
  • team building exercises
  • motivational
  • special subjects – guest speakers

Our planning experts provide you with all the logistics you will need on the ground in Costa Rica. From the minute you leave the airport you are in the very best of hands. Our services include but are not limited to providing

  • Itinerary Logistics
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Meeting venues
  • Transportation
  • Catering
  • Team excursions
  • Group volunteering opportunities
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Team building exercises
  • Multi-media materials
  • Entertainment
  • We make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

 What makes the meetings green?

It starts with the vehicles that chauffeur you. Using bio-fuels and alternatives to gasoline in the transfer vehicles we start the retreat responsibly. Choosing the accommodations and venues are next. We use hotels that operate at the highest levels of sustainability. Many of them operate with a negative carbon footprint due to the work they do in things such as reforestation projects. Every service offered throughout the retreat has shown high levels of commitment to our environment, we put them all together for you and your group.

For companies wanting to go the extra mile looking for a completely green retreat, we can calculate the entire carbon output for the retreat including airfare and take steps to offset it. A reforestation contribution can be made to offset these carbon emissions and bring the total carbon footprint of the trip down to zero. This contribution goes to local non- profits in Costa Rica and is tax deductible.