Amazing Costa Rica!


Our Amazing Costa Rica Package is for those who want take the time to experience as much as they can while on vacation. This is great as a family package or as a couple. Visit the rainforests, cloud forests, and beaches on this adventure experiencing nature in her many different forms.

As with all of our example packages, we customize this travel experience to your travel style and budget. Contact us today to start planning your dream trip.

Day 1 ~ Arrival

  • Transfer to Hotel – (approx. 10 minutes) – Welcome to Costa Rica! Your driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel!
  • Check In Adventure Inn – Standard – or similar hotel

Day 2 ~ Alajuela ~ Tortuguero ~ (B,L,D)

  • Transfer to Tortuguero – Early morning transfer from your hotel to Tortuguero National Park. Originally intended to protect a major nesting beach of the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle, the Park now protects 51,870 acres, one of the last large areas of tropical rainforest in Central America. Eleven habitats are found in the park. Three species of monkeys (Spider, Howler, and White-faced), Three-toed Sloths, and river otters are frequently seen along the natural inland waterways and canals. Caiman, iguanas, river turtles, Basilisk Lizards, and Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobates) inhabit the area, along with more than 320 species of birds including all six species of kingfishers found in the new world, three species of toucans, eight species of parrots, and other neotropical species such as the Slaty-tailed Trogon, White-collared Manakin and the Purple-throated Fruitcrow.
  • Check In Turtle Beach Lodge – or similar lodge

Day 3 ~ Tortuguero ~ (B,L,D)

  • Canal Tours – Rise and shine! Enjoy Costa Rican coffee, tea and cookies in the restaurant to start your morning. Join the guided Canal Tour and experience the awakening of the jungle surrounding the canals as the animals start their day. Replenish with a healthy, typical Tico breakfast in the Turtle Restaurant. Dress out in the jungle boots provided by TBL and explore the mysterious Tortuguero Jungle with your guide. Learn about the jungle flora and fauna as well as the animals that live in the tropical rain forest.  Schedule a canopy, garden, kayak or cerro tour, go fishing or just nap in a hammock on the beach or by the pool! Speak with your guide for times and other options.
  • Optional Sea Turtle Tour add on – (Seasonal) – The Atlantic Green Turtles have been coming to the Caribbean beaches of Tortuguero for centuries to lay their eggs. Much has been researched and written about them. When the baby turtles grow to adulthood they return to the same beach where they were hatched. At Turtle Beach Lodge you have the unique opportunity to witness these magical events! During the prime season from June through early October we have nightly turtle watching tours right on our own beach

Day 4 ~ Tortuguero ~ Arenal ~ (B,L)

  • Transfer out of Tortuguero – Transfer by boat and by land out of Tortuguero. Pick up your private transfer to Arenal at your lunch stop.
  • Transfer to Arenal – Your private driver will take you deep into the mountains, home to the famous Arenal Volcano. Ebjoy the scenery as you learn about the history of our country from our bilingual drivers.
  • Check In Arenal Observatory Lodge – Or similar hotel

Day 5 ~ Arenal ~ (B,D)

  • Venado Caves – The amazing Venado Caves (Cavernas de Venado, Gabinarracas´s Caves) are made of wonderful limestone rocks, stalactites, stalagmites and corals, and they are located at Costa Rica, only 35 minutes from La Fortuna of San Carlos (Alajuela). Strange and amusing stone formations are shaped by the forces of an underground river. The caves first formed during the Miocene Period, about 10 to 30 millions years ago. After their formation, the caves remained below sea level for an extended period of time before tectonic movements brought them to the surface. At this time, the Guatusos aborigines became the first people to stumble upon their discovery. Located just south of La Fortuna, the gateway to The Arenal Lake and Arenal Volcano, are the Caves of Venado. Dating back over 7 million years, the Venado Caves are the direct result of water currents penetrating and passing through the surrounding limestone rocks. The caves contain four different species of bats and numerous types of spiders, many of which are endemic to the area. Some of the spiders have extremely long feelers, designed to assist them in total darkness. The bats fly endlessly above, sometime clustering in groups of a hundred or so. It is more common to find them attached to the ceiling above than along the walls. When your footing is secure, shine the light above and you should find them looking down on you below. The continual flow of water opened crevasses and forced sediments to flow throughout the caves, leaving on its way an endless network of deep tunnels.  So complex and deep, absolutely no light penetrates these caves, except for  a few isolated incidents which are located in one of the quarters. As a result, it is mandatory that you carry a flashlight with you during your trip. The guides experience and in depth knowledge of the numerous paths can dramatically improve your experience in the caves. Depending on your physical fitness and sense of adventure hours can be spent crawling from one section of the caves to another, challenging the most fit and adventurous.
  • Evening at Eco Termales – Evening pass and dinner at Eco Termales Thermal Pools. This is a great and relaxing way to end a day. The Eco Termales Hot Springs has been the life work of the Hidalgo family. The smallest of the Arenal hot springs, Eco Termales is geared toward privacy and relaxation and it does not accept more than 100 visitors at one time. Enjoy the springs until closing.  Note: Taxi to and from Eco Termales is not included. This is cheaper to arrange through the hotel reception.

Day 6 ~ Arenal ~ (B)

  • Safari Float – This completely relaxing float trip takes you on the beautiful Río Peñas Blancas where you’re bound to spot wildlife! This clear water river is fed by the pristine waters of several private cloud forest reserves in Monteverde and is surrounded by lush rainforest, natural volcanic hot springs, waterfalls and forested canyons that measure upwards of 700 feet (213 m) in height. In other words, the Peñas Blancas River is an indisputable scenic adventure. Most visitors to the river enjoy a calm safari float to take advantage of the hot springs, waterfalls and abounding wildlife which includes monkeys, sloths, river turtles, crocodiles, iguanas and many bird species.

Day 7 ~ Arenal ~ San Ramon ~ (B)

  • Private Transfer to San Ramon – A lesser known cloud forest region, and off the tourist radar, enjoy the surrounding cloud forest and the incredible Villa Blanca.
  • Check In Villa Blanca – One of a kind cloud forest lodge

Day 8 ~ San Ramon ~ (B)

  • El Silencio cloud forest guided hike tour – Walk around with your head in the clouds as you step into … the heart of the cloud forest with our own nature interpreters who will unveil a secret world of rich tropical life along this 3 kilometre user-friendly trail. Located right on the hotel property, the trail was created by our hotel´s professional nature guides and designed to showcase a variety of tropical flora and fauna as it winds its way throughout this rare and incredibly diverse biosphere. As a part of only 2.5 % of the planet´s remaining cloud forests, this unique forest habitat continues to amaze our hotel guests and guides, as well as the trained research scientists from INBio (National Institute of Biodiversity), who established staff the first research station to operate on a hotel property in Costa Rica.

Day 9 ~ San Ramon ~ Dominical ~ (B)

  • Private Transfer to Dominical – (approx. 3.5 hours)
  • Check In Costa Paraiso – Or similar hotel

Day 10 ~ Dominical ~ (B, snack)

  • Caño Island snorkeling Tour – Explore gorgeous coral reefs and virgin blue waters at Cano Island Full Day Boat Tour. With turquoise blue waters and colorful coral reefs, Cano Island, located near the Osa Peninsula is one of the best Costa Rican snorkeling and scuba diving destinations. Join this magical boat tour and explore with detail the mysteries of the underwater world and Cano Island archeological wonders. (The island is a biological reserve, snorkel and scuba diving numbers are regulated, and reservations fill up quickly.) Caño Island is an amazing marine biological reserve with virgin blue waters making it the perfect tropical paradise for snorkelers and divers. It is home to a spectacular variety of stunning marine flora and fauna and is famous for having Costa Rica’s largest concentration of coral-building organisms along the Pacific Ocean. Visitors have rated Cano Island as having the best snorkeling and diving in Costa Rica! With fantastic underwater visibility, you have opportunity to observe and swim alongside sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, manta rays, moray eels, barracudas, tuna, snapper, parrot fish, puffers and more. This forever-changing panorama is a powerful experience for those who venture below the surface to investigate the variety of marine life found near the coral reefs. Marine life is also abundant in the general outliers of the island and you can see white tipped reef sharks, silky sharks, bull sharks and occasionally whale sharks and humpback whales. 

Day 11 ~ Dominical ~ (B)

  • Free Day / Optional Tour Day – It is always good to keep a day or 2 free in a trip. This allows more freedom and flexibility.

Day 12 ~ Dominical ~ (B, snacks)

  • Sea Kayaking –  Waves And Caves –  The Marino Ballena National Park was created in 1990 to preserve and protect the 4500 ha of coral reef that surrounds Ballena & Las Tres Hermanas Islands. This park also protects 13 km of pristine coastline including beautifully scenic beaches such as: Playa Ventanas, Playa Piñuelas, Playa Ballena, Playa Hermosa and Playa Bahia. Marino Ballena Park`s most interesting sedimentation process has formed a Tombolo, or land bridge, linking the offshore reef to the mainland of Uvita Bay. This interesting formation can be seen and accessed only at low tide. In the park there can be found sponges, corals, mollusks, algaes, echinoderms, crabs and other creatures which are adapted to the strong tidal swell.Green Iguanas abound in the park, feeding on plentiful alga plants. It is also an important refuge and nesting place for numerous marine birds including the frigate and the sea earwig. It is considered the most median point of reproduction of the Humpback Whale which comes to these tropical waters during winter months. Starting with 30 minutes drive from Dominical to the put in section in Ventanas Beach. During this 23 kilometer road trip, we will stop, if we get to spot some of the wildlife such as: birds, monkeys, sloth’s etc. You will see all this, along the most beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean and the exuberant vegetation of the coast. At the put in section we provide you the safety instruction by a professional and bilingual tour guide. After that, the guide will illustrate the 1 hour ease paddling to where the caves are, with natural history of the park, than you will witness one of the most scenic place in the area, over 30 different caves and 2 of them are accessible -depending on the oceans condition- by kayak. After that we will go to one of the most beautiful beaches of the area, Playa Ventanas, where we will set you up on a tropical way, with fruits and drinks. Steps away from our fruit stop, there are 2 caves for you to explore hiking through during the low tide, you can also enjoy and have fun surfing the waves at this beach on your kayak. After all this, we start to paddle back to our take out point at Playa Piñuelas and drive back to your hotel.

Day 13 ~ Dominical ~ Alajuela ~ (B)

  • Private Transfer to Alajuela – (approx. 4 hours)
  • Check In Adventure Inn – Standard Room or similar hotel

Day 14 ~ Departure ~ (B)

  • Transfer to Airport – (approx. 10 minutes)

Contact us to customize your travel experience to suit your travel style and budget!

Trip Includes

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  • All Hotels Listed
  • All Tours Listed Unless Noted Otherwise
  • Meals Indicated Daily as (B,L,D)
  • All Transfer, Hotel, & Tour Taxes
  • 24 Hour Trip Support
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • An Adventure of a Lifetime