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Costa Rica’s Caribbean ~ Part 1
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Costa Rica's Caribbean ~ Part 1

Best Months to visit the CaribbeanSeptember – October

Many people think “rainy season” in Costa Rica and immediately write us off as a destination. The rainy season or “Green Season” as some prefer to call it is in fact one of the best times of the year to explore our country. Not just for the lower hotel prices, fewer travelers, and lushness of our rainforests during this time of year, but also for the weather!

“The weather you say?!? Yes, the weather is incredible! The beginning of the Green Season is always a good time to visit most of our country. These months of May – August are perfect as most rain fall happens in the late afternoon, we have many sunny days throughout these months.

But, getting into September and October things can get a little more wet than you may have been looking for. Not to worry, September and October promise excellent weather all down our Caribbean coastline.


Starting in Tortuguero, we find ourselves in a remote corner of the country, no cars, you can only reach Tortuguero by canal or by plane. The months of July – October is a perfcet time to witness the Green Sea Turtles nesting on the beaches of Tortuguero. For the best weather September and October are the time to come but each and evey month in the rainy season in Tortuguero (and babies hatching!), or swimming the blue waters of Cahuita, crossing the border to Bocas del Toro island, Panama, or lounging the days away right in Puerto Viejo, our Caribbean coast offers an excellent chance to see another side of our diverse country.

Tortuguero Costa RicaCosta Rica is a country of micro climates. When the rest of the country is getting rained on the hardest, the Caribbean coast is enjoying their dry season. Dry season on the Caribbean only lasts about 2 months, but in these 2 months you will experience excellent daily weather.

Puerto Viejo & Surrounding Beaches

Moving south from Tortuguero, past the port of Limon, and down the coastline, we find our selves in Puerto Viejo, the laid back beach-side town that is the main hub for the area. Some of the area beaches are stunning. Cahuita, Punta Uva, Manzanillo, if unspoiled white sand beaches are what you are looking for this is the best place to find it.  Surfing is popular on both of our coast and the Caribbean is no exception!

Caribbean Costa RicaNever think there are good months or bad months to visit Costa Rica. Every month of the year in Costa Rica you can find nice weather, nature, adventure, and a sense of wellness. Contact us today for free planning in Costa Rica – or use our Costa Rica Trip builder.

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