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New Tours in Costa Rica ~ 2015
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New Tours in Costa Rica ~ 2015

Our clients sometimes ask this very specific question, “what are some new and popular tours this year?”.  We are happy to report that there are a few new tours and activities we are offering for those looking to test themselves and explore the natural beauty of our country in new and unique ways. Today we bring to you 3 new Costa Rica EXTREME TOURS!

#1 ~ Fly Boarding

Let’s start in Arenal, the adventure capital of Costa Rica. If your trip takes you to our mighty Arenal Volcano, and you want to try something new (and a complete rush), you must try Fly Boarding! This is high intensity fun on the water! Imagine flying like the superhero Iron Man over Lake Arenal with the volcano in the distance. Words fall short in describing this new and exciting tour, a few photos will do it more justice!

Costa Rica Fly BoardingHow often do you get to live out your super hero dreams? Doing it in such an amazing locale just makes this one an epic adventure for some.

#2 ~ Waterfall Jumping!

Staying in the Arenal region, let us now take a look at another new and exciting tour, the Gravity Falls – Canyon Waterfall  Jumping Tour. Forget the ropes, forget the rules, you are jumping and leaping off waterfalls in the rainforest as you river-trace, climb, rappel, and make your way across the dense jungle backdrop. You are jumping off the top of waterfall after waterfall in this one of a kind Costa Rica adventure! This is extreme and only for those with no fear of heights. Do not worry, expert guides and safety are always the top consideration on all of our travel experiences.

Waterfall Jumping Costa Rica

#3 ~ Treetop Camping ~ Sleeping with the Macaws!

The last extreme tour in our line up today is not extreme in quite the same sense as the previous, but you will test yourself and have an experience of a lifetime. This is a very unique tour, not for everyone, have you heard of tree top camping? Now add in Scarlet Macaws and you have a one of a kind experience that can only be found in Costa Rica. This is a done in a non invasive way. At no time are you disturbing the Macaws or their regular routines but you will get to witness these magnificent birds closer than most ever see in the wild. The views from your treetop tent are magnificent, wake to the sound of the Macaws in the morning as you continue your adventure through our country.

treetop camping Costa Rica

These are just a few of the new tours in Costa Rica, we will be bringing more tour news and travel updates soon so stay tuned!

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