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Volunteering in Costa Rica ~ 2015
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Volunteering in Costa Rica ~ 2015

Costa Rica has no shortage of volunteer opportunities and volunteering in Costa Rica can be very rewarding. If you want to work with animals, orphans, schools, protecting wilderness or our oceans, the possibilities for helping are here and abundant. What people may not realize is that many of the travel companies on the internet that specialize in “volunteer abroad trips” are in it for their own personal gain as opposed to the benefit of the actual charities they claim to represent. That is not to say they do not help, but many prices are inflated and a fraction of the actual money reaches the charity as it should. This is unfortunately true of many charity endeavors worldwide; little of the actual money ever reaches the intended. At C.R. Referrals Travel, we not only support charities financially, we work in the field and get our hands dirty. We also plan volunteer experiences and charge ZERO to our clients, the money goes where it should.

As with all of our travel planning, we do not charge for our services at all and our Costa Rica Volunteer Adventures are no exception. When you go on a Costa Rica volunteer adventure with us you are guaranteed that the money you spend is going to the charities they were meant for. We are proud to support the many good people in our country trying to make things better for everyone.

One of our favorite charities is Proyecto Asis in the La Fortuna area. If you are interested in volunteering with animals but are limited on time then this is a truly rewarding experience and only takes a morning or day depending on your level of involvement. This volunteer experience is nice because you can fit in nicely within a busy trip schedule. For travelers wanting to get a volunteer experience but that do not have the time for a 1-week or more commitment that many of the groups require, volunteering in the morning or afternoon one day Proyecto Asis can work out great.

food prep for animals at proyecto Asis
The morning tour is the one we prefer, you get to prepare and help feed the animals in their care. Many of the animals are being rehabilitated to be released back into the wild, some residents that due to injury or trauma will live their lives in the care of the dedicated staff.

Volunteering in Costa Rica_Asis
This volunteer experience works well for trips that are stopping in the La Fortuna area. This area, home to the famous Arenal Volcano, is known as the adventure capital of our country. For many of our clients volunteering with a side of white water rafting or canyoneering is the perfect vacation combination.

Our founder Catalina Cuervo and her husband are passionate about the world and all living things. They have spent their lives helping animals in need and the travel company they created is an extension of this. They look for this in the employees they hire and companies they work with. What you are left with is a dedicated team of professionals that truly care about nature and I am proud to be a member of the team.

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