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Costa Rica Green Season 2015
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Costa Rica Green Season 2015

The Costa Rica Green Season is here! But what does that mean?  Many people know these are some of the best months to visit but some still do not. Why is it better? Where to begin. Most obvious is the fact that most people want to experience the rainforest, and you can’t have rainforest without rain. There are many reasons these months are better, Surfing in Costa Rica is on average better during the green season with swells more plentiful during this time. White Water Rafting is at its best during the Costa Rica green season, rivers are full and ready for the adventuresome who wish to navigate through them. The Pacuare River for instance is rated in the top 10 best in the world by National Geographic, and these are the months to go. The mighty Toro River offers an excellent trip with class 3 and 4 rapids and flows freely in the green season.

Pacuare River Rafting

“Canyoneering or Canyoning” as some like to call it is one of our most popular tours, during the green season it is at its best! This sport of rappelling down waterfalls, down climbing and river tracing through the rainforest is the highlight of many of our custom Costa Rica Trips.

Rappelling in Costa Rica

Let’s also not forget how green everything is during this time, that is after all where the name comes from. With the rain comes lush countryside, full rivers, raging waterfalls, and the country is ALIVE. It does not rain all the time and not every day. We have just as much sun as we do rain in most cases so do not worry about being rained out. This rarely happens.

This time of year also brings with it the time for Sea Turtle Nesting to many of our beaches. The Green Sea, Leatherback, Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, and Pacific Green sea turtles all make their way back to the beaches they were born on to repeat the cycle of life. 2 months after nesting the babies bravely make their way to sea in search of safety.

Costa Rica aribadas Olive Ridley

For the traveler the months of May – November also have other benefits. How about cheaper hotels, less crowds, and more opportunities to experience nature. For those who are really “In the Know” the month of July is magic.

July holds the mystery of little summer. This is 2 weeks or sometimes 3 of dry season like weather. You can get the benefits of both seasons, with full rivers and colors all around you while rain is normally minimal during this time. If you are lucky enough to catch this time of year you will not be disappointed.

Don’t miss the Costa Rica Green Season, best time of year to come! We hope to see you soon! – Use our Costa Rica Trip Builder to start planning your dream vacation ~ CR Referrals Travel – Costa Rica Vacations

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