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Eloping in Costa Rica
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Eloping in Costa Rica

Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive! In 2014 the average wedding cost was $24,000! That does not even include the honeymoon! We do not think a celebration of love needs to come with a huge price tag, so we started to focus on something a little different. C.R. Referrals Travel – Elope in Costa Rica packages are custom made to each client. When we plan your Eloping in Costa Rica package, your tastes, travel style, every aspect of the wedding/honeymoon is taken care of by us. Best of all a typical Costa Rica Elopement Package costs a fraction of what it costs back home and it includes the honeymoon.

Eloping in Costa Rica 2015

Instead of spending tens of thousands, a typical package runs around $5000 but can be as low as $3000. Again, this all depends on how we design the trip.

We hand pick each and every hotel and service in the trip. An Elope in Costa Rica Package might look something like this. You arrive and our private transfer takes you to your first destination on the Pacific Coast. You take the rest of the day to unwind after the flight and acclimate to our country. The following day you go on a light hike into the rainforest to take in the sights and sounds of the tropics, or take a sunset catamaran boat tour taking in our coastline. Before you know it, the BIG day is upon you. The following morning you start your day with an in-suite breakfast. After your breakfast your next move is his & hers massages in the spa. You are now refreshed, relaxed, it is time for a light lunch.

When the time comes, it’s off to hair and makeup while the groom composes himself and gets ready. Your photographer starts the photo session and the time has finally arrived. The sun is setting over the ocean; you are standing on the sand underneath an archway of tropical flowers. You are looking over at the person you love as they say “I do”, you take your vows and your new life begins.

elope 3

After a few more photos you retreat to your room, you are now married! Next it is time for your private candlelight dinner on the beach. This is a chef’s table tasting menu with private waiter, flowers, candles, with all food preparation from the head chef, the night sky with a blanket of stars above. The perfect end to the perfect day.

elope in Costa Rica 2015

The trip is not over there; now that you are married it’s time for the honeymoon to really begin! This part of the trip is customized to each client. White water rafting, hiking, birding, canopy tours, waterfalls, kayaking, horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, if you can dream it up we can make it happen. A trip like this would cost a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding and it includes the honeymoon!

Catalina Cuervo, owner of C.R. Referrals Travel, designs each Elope in Costa Rica Package personally with her team. Contact us today to start planning your future!

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