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Costa Rica is covered in chocolate!
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Costa Rica is covered in chocolate!

Almost everyone on Earth loves chocolate, I know I do, and just about everyone I know does too. For those who are not aware, Costa Rica and chocolate have a long history together. You could say our country is covered in chocolate! There are several opportunities to see and participate in the making of chocolate throughout our country. This blog post is going to outline a few of our favorite Costa Rica chocolate tours. Maybe you can add a sweet stop on your next trip!

Chocolate in Costa Rica

Rainforest Chocolate Tour – A new tour in the Arenal area has been a big hit with our clients. The Rainforest Chocolate tour is a great way to spend a couple of hours while visiting the La Fortuna/ Arenal area. This informative tour takes you through the process of making chocolate as the natives do. In this 2-hour “hands on” program, you will have the opportunity to learn interesting aspects of cocoa and chocolate, from its origin and history, participating in all the production process, from the harvesting of the fruit, drying and grinding of the seed, also the developing of the traditional drink of our ancestors, and of course enjoying a high quality organic chocolate.

From the Cacoa seed pods to a tasty treat in your mouth, you will learn this thousands of years old recipe. Chocolate has been revered for centuries for its curative and sometimes said magical properties.

Cacao Pods

Chocolate Lady Tour from Puerto Viejo – This is another great chocolate tour on the Caribbean side near Puerto Viejo. The Chocolate Lady tour will delight your taste buds. Again you learn about the cocao plant, the process of seed removal, curing, drying, and ultimately making the pods into a dark delicious treat.  This is all done by the hands of an indigenous family where they take the pods from the Cacao trees growing beside their house. You will learn and see an informative demonstration of the process by which the cacao fruit is transformed into delicious and unique chocolate.

Chocolate in Costa Rica today

Tirimbina Chocolate Tour Sarapiqui – If you find yourself in the Sarapiqui area of our country, and have a taste for chocolate, you are in the right place. Your sweet tooth will delight in the local chocolate tour offered here.  Your guided tour begins with a trip across a suspension bridge and an area of the Tirimbina forest that used to be a former cacao-growing site.

On arrival at the cacao site, the artisanal process by which cacao fruit is transformed into chocolate will be demonstrated from harvest, fermentation, drying, and finally, the finished product. A history of chocolate will transfer you back in time as told by your guides.

On the tour you can taste different kinds of chocolate, which are prepared on the spot in the traditional way. This is a great community program. Tirimbina is connected to the Amazilia del Caribe Women’s Association, composed of rural women from Pueblo Nuevo de Guácimo, in Limon Province, which has dedicated itself to the production of hand-made organic chocolates.

Each tour focuses on the importance of the cacao pods from the beginning of the chocolate making process, to the final product. Make your own and sample your work! For more information on these and other tours throughout Costa Rica, contact us at or – You can also start planning your trip using our Costa Rica Vacation Builder.

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